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mission‹one› suite Updates Q2/2022

The mission’one’ developer team has been busy in the last months and has continued to work on the products of the mission’one’ suite family. Here is a brief overview of the most important innovations.

Video Content Block

For quite some time now you have been able to use video content within the newsletter editor. These are uploaded and managed very conveniently via the media manager. From April already, the fallback images, which are displayed if the client does not support video, are inserted via the media manager.

This makes it easier to work with videos in the newsletter or landing pages.

We also took out the autoplay feature as this is not supported in any of the email clients and in WYSIWYG editing mode there was an endless loop.

We also fixed a bug: only videos in h265 format were allowed as upload file type.

Subscribers export – clicker and opener export available

From now on you can select reactions as source in the subscriber export of dialog+:

After that, select the reaction type (clicker or opener) and you can add any subscriber data:

The export is performed asynchronously and is available for download in the Export Monitor.

mission‹one› data+: Updates

Include or exclude filters: As in dialog+, it is now also possible in data+ to include or exclude filters at another filter. In the Filter area you will find all existing filters. Simply click on a desired filter and drag it over:

After that, you still need to select an operator:

data+ GUI adjustments

So that all products can be used and feel the same, we have adapted the interface of data+. From now on you will find an add button in all lists to create new entries directly from the list. Furthermore we added the global add button. This allows you to add the most important items directly from any location with one click.

Newsletter Reporting – Openings over time now also hourly

The openings in the course of the day have existed within dialog+ for some time. A few weeks ago, we received a request from one of our customers asking whether it would not be possible to offer this on an hourly basis per day.

No problem for our Scrum teams. From request to implementation in just 4 weeks. From now on you can in this tile:

Click on a date in the X axis and get the day view. Use the arrow in the upper right corner to return to the view:

Enhancements in the Automation Module

The evaluation of an Automatic Campaign is based on the start date. The system now recognizes the start time and adjusts the evaluation period accordingly.

Furthermore, we show old trigger campaigns from the mission’one’ dialog Classic in the list of automations within dialog+. You cannot edit these within dialog+, but you can view the reporting. The old triggers continue to run even if they have already been migrated to dialog+.

Non clicker as selection

We have added the “not clickers” as a selection criterion. You can use this for your automations from now on.

Bug Fixing

We have also fixed 17 known and unknown bugs. Here is a small excerpt:

  • Interests: sorting and moving interests was not possible
  • Target groups: Interests as selection criterion did not work in Mozilla Firefox
  • Newsletter Versand: beim versenden von einem Newsletter war die Zielgruppensuche nach Namen nicht möglich (nur nach ID)
  • Dispatch overview loads slowly or not at all
  • Video upload only possible in h264 format