5. APIs / mission-one Webservices

mission-one SOAP-based webservices

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Connect your IT systems like CRM, ERP, CDP, CMS or Data & BI system with the mission‹one› Marketing Suite. With our SOAP-based webservices „CustomerInterfaceV2“, „CustomerContentInterface“ and „Transactional Mail API (TMA)“ it is possible to store and modify data in your mission-one database and to retrieve data from it such as:

  • subscribers
  • statistics
  • newsletters
  • dispatches
  • single mail dispatches (TMA)
  • reportings
  • person groups
  • target groups
  • content

Here you can find the URL/WSDL and PDF documents for all mission-one webservices:

Reference document: CustomerInterfaceV2

Description document: ContentInterface_Docs

  • Transactional Mail API (TMA)

    The mission-one Transactional Mail API (TMA) offers individual mail dispatch via SOAP request. Existinge Newsletters from the mission-one dialogue application can be used as transactional mails, which can be conveniently edited via the WYSIWYG editor and populated with personalisation fields. Via a so-called transactional dispatch, individual mailings are combined into a group. This makes it possible to evaluate all the usual KPIs: openings, clicks, bounces, etc

    SOAP Webservice Endpoints

    Responsible for:

    • Single e-mail dispatch
    • Transactional e-mails like order confirmation, back in stock information, abandoned shopping cart etc.

Description document TMA: TMA_API_Dokumentation